South Melbourne Football Club is not for profit members based club, which has a proud tradition of volunteering time and resources in assisting and driving major charity initiatives in Melbourne.

Strong community structures and values do not develop on their own but instead need to be instilled and reinforced by all organisations. South Melbourne FC takes this responsibility very seriously and conducts events every quarter that support various charities. The Club’s community participation is a pivotal area of interest and is an important component of our club’s moral compass.

A few of these events and organisations are below:

Lakeside Charity Cup

In September 2012, South Melbourne FC organised  and funded ‘The Lakeside Charity Cup’ whereby over 10,000 people came through our Lakeside Stadium and surrounding Albert Park sports precinct to see 140 Junior teams (from 8 clubs) play over 12 days of matches.

All players taking part in the Cup made a financial donation. Politicians, sports delegates, the Chairman of the State Sports Centre Trust where at hand at the final day to award a $5,000 cheque to the Koala Kids Foundation (an organisation that supports kids with cancer).

The Challenge Group

In February 2013, South Melbourne FC organised a football clinic and matches for ‘The Challenge group’. This organisation provides kids with cancer and their brothers and sisters an opportunity to have some time-out from cancer treatment and the rigours of hospital visits. South Melbourne FC was more than happy to support this charitable cause and play a major role in trying to put a smile on the faces of these brave children. Players from our senior team, all our club’s coaching staff and junior players were in attendance to help and make new friends.