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South Vs. Northcote – Roundup

South Vs. Northcote – Roundup

Thursday, 14 August 2003 12:00 AM

By Michael Tsoukalis

South have continued their pre-season dominance comfortably accounting for State 1 battlers Northcote City with the final score ending up 4 goals to Nil in favour of the Lakesiders.

The game was played in atrocious conditions with both the pitch and lighting well below par.

Standouts for South were Coveny and Murdocca, both players have been in great pre-season form and have showed ominous signs that come the start of the season proper both will be crucial to South’s plight. Vince Lia also deserves a mention for a more than competent display.

South trialists Steve Lawrie, Marcus Stergiopoulos and Sam DeVito – a youngster who spent last season playing first team football at Bentleigh Greens – all looked more than assured and far from out of place. DeVito occupied the left back role and showed himself a decent prospect. Coach Stuart Munro and assistant Ken Murphy are no doubt close to finalising their playing squad for the upcoming season with both coaches commentating that all trialists have acquitted themselves very well and haven’t placed a foot wrong.

Ken Murphy perhaps best summed up the current state the playing squad finds itself in, stating that “We’re moving along fine, our attacking play is coming along very promisingly, furthermore, Durakovic and Kovacevic are showing signs that they will form a formidable defensive core for the upcoming season”.

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