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Remember The Titans

Remember The Titans

Thursday, 28 August 2003 12:00 AM

Over 1000 keen supporters braved the Melbourne weather to celebrate the return of the South Melbourne and Heidelberg United legends teams back to Bob Jane Stadium. With a star-studded line-up from both sides it was an opportunity for old foes to once again re-live their memories of the past.

Both sides battled it out, in the first half with Heidelberg going one up just before the half time break. It then put South under pressure in the second half to get the equaliser.

The second half started just as the first, with both teams determined to win. South then equalised with Bobby McGinnes kicking a great goal. But the victory was short lived with Gary Cole from Heidelberg kicking the winner, and victory to the bergers.

Players then nursed their sore bones and egos, over a few quiet drinks as all the memories and banter of old came rushing back. The players and Club’s would like to thank the Laiki Bank for there initiative in bring together not only these great Legends of the game, but making Soccer the winner on the day.

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