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South Melbourne Calls On Friends, Supporters To Save Our Home

South Melbourne Calls On Friends, Supporters To Save Our Home

Wednesday, 31 March 2004 12:00 AM

A statement from the President of the South Melbourne Soccer Club
The future of the South Melbourne Soccer Club is today very much in the hands of its many thousands of members, supporters and friends. The Club is calling on them to show the passion, pride and commitment for which they are renowned by attending a public meeting on Sunday, 4 April (12.30pm) to help save our spiritual home, the Bob Jane Stadium.

For the last 12 months, South Melbourne has focused on positioning the Club to gain entry into the Australian Premier League (APL). There were encouraging signs during this period, until a recent change of strategy from the Australian Soccer Association declaring that only one, state-based team from Victoria will be admitted into the new competition. Secondly, a decision was made for the start date of the new competition, with a July/August 2005 date proposed.

With the prospects of South Melbourne Soccer Club not competing in the APL in its own right, and without the income from competitive soccer for at least 10 months, there is a significant financial debt that the Club can no longer sustain without the immediate support of its friends and supporters.

The South Melbourne Soccer Club has a proud history, and, with its friends, members and supporters, is currently working diligently to keep the club in existence. It is not certain as to which competition this club will compete in next year, however it is imperative that the friends of South Melbourne act to save the home ground we have built, the Bob Jane Stadium. For 45 years, generations of people have contributed blood, sweat and tears to establish this spiritual home, and we must keep it in our hands. In the hands of the members who built it.

As a result of this current position, the Club urgently needs to raise funds to live on. I urge all to bring their children, parents, grandparents and friends in an effort to show our strength in numbers. We will be taking donations, asking you to contribute to saving this proud club. A club that has given so many memories to the sporting public, and is deeply entrenched in the sporting culture of Melbourne.

South Melbourne Soccer Club was built by its members and the community, and today, its future is dependent on those people more than ever.

WHAT: Public meeting of members, friends and supporters of SMSC
WHEN: Sunday, 4 April – (12.30pm)
WHERE: Bob Jane Stadium, Albert Rd, Albert Park

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