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Greek Australians Rejoice In Hellenic Win

Greek Australians Rejoice In Hellenic Win

Monday, 5 July 2004 12:00 AM

Today is a historic day for world football and humanity. It demonstrates how Greece, previously thought to be a Football minnow, has achieved unimaginable success and admiration the world over. It sets a precedence for all sporting nations, who have struggled for success in the world game, to continually strive for excellence, even against all odds.

South Melbourne is a club founded by Greek migrants more than 50 years ago. It is one of a few clubs outside Greece, that still maintains its Hellenic link and identity. The club and its supporters are proud of this connection with Hellas. Their love of the game and of Australia has resulted in a team which embraces all Australians yet retains a distinct Hellenic character. Its supporters are amongst Australia’s most passionate, both at club and national level.

Australian Football should take note and realize that achieving future success, will only happen by harnessing and building upon its existing soccer foundation. Traditional Australian soccer clubs, like South Melbourne, must play an active role in influencing future Australian Soccer excellence both domestically and internationally.

South Melbourne Hellas Soccer Club, is proud of its connection with the 2004 European Champions. Greece’s achievements will be etched in sporting folklore for years to come.

Today, we of Hellas Melbourne, celebrate with Hellas of Greece , as one.

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