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To my fellow members and supporters,

To my fellow members and supporters,

Monday, 24 January 2005 4:54 PM

I write to you on the eve of the new Victorian Premier League season with a clear and over riding message, patience.

We must be under no illusions about the challenges that face our club in the coming months.

Let’s not forget what happened at the end of our last NSL season. When the National competition disbanded, our squad that had been carefully built and groomed by Stuart Munroe, and other coaches before him, simply evaporated.

Further to this, there was the very serious issue of the club going into administration.

The work of a great number of people within the South Melbourne family has ensured our clubs survival, and our new board is working very hard to lift the club back to the top.

Our playing squad for 2005, is a fresh one.

Headed by coach and club legend John Anastasiadis, we are moving into a new era.
But lets not be mistaken, building a team, takes time.

South Melbourne will be coming up against some very good teams in the VPL that have been seasoned over a number of years.

Champion teams don’t come together over night.

Further, the A-League’s Clubs have been given carte blanche to cherry pick. This makes the task of building a strong team all the more difficult.

As an example, Ante Kovacevic; has been snapped up by Perth Glory.

Ante’s example however is a problem that is not isolated to South Melbourne as this will continue to dangle like a sword of Damocles over our Club and all other clubs in the VPL.

This is the first time our great club has fielded a senior side in the Victorian top flight for 28 years.

We are in waters that are uncharted and everyone at the club will have to experience some form of adjustment.

We appreciate your ongoing support, as we strive to get the Club back firmly on its feet and put the famous Blue and White back in a position at the very forefront of Victorian and Australian football.

See you at the football,

George Donikian

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