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South defies the pundits to lead the VPL

South defies the pundits to lead the VPL

Tuesday, 8 March 2005 6:19 PM

Congratulations to every one involved in the South Melbourne family.

Just as the players have done us proud and remain unbeaten after 5 rounds of the new competition. So too the travelling fans, who have registered their influence.

SMFC’s fans have proven an inspiration in the opening rounds by lifting the younger players in the squad with their singing and chanting on the terraces.

When the Blue and Whites did battle against some fierce and bruising tackling in the past 3 weeks, at Monterey Reserve in Frankston, at the Veneto Club in Bulleen and again against Oakleigh, last Friday night.

It was the travelling supporters that managed to lift the players when the going got tough. The 3 away games have been a fabulous proving ground for the Club.

We are all learning about our responsiblities, whether it’s in the boardroom, on the terraces or on the pitch.

Bob Jane is the venue this coming holiday Monday night, but it’s important we aren’t on holidays when the Magic come to play.

We need to show Melbourne what a fortress our home ground can be and we need the might of our fan base to flex it’s muscle at our stadium.

You can do it by being the loudest fans in the league and the proudest.

I ask all our fans to make an “extra” effort and become members.

The numbers add to our bottom line and help us to finance the team in it’s quest to capture a title.

We are offering incentives for ALL new members, contact the Club to find out more.

If we can show all and sundry we are making giant strides on and off the pitch, it will hold us in good stead as we re-shape South, into the best run outfit in the VPL.

As a good corporate citizen, we are keen to embark on a campaign to reach out to all the schools in our area, in order to help spread the influence of the world game.

Remember the opposition will test us every week and in every department.

So go South ….and lets be, the best we can be, on and off the pitch.

George Donikian

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