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Be proud, be the best.

Be proud, be the best.

Monday, 21 March 2005 3:04 PM

I encourage all South fans to boost the lifeline of the club and decide to become a member.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy easter.

You may have noticed on the weekend, officials at the Knight’s Stadium made arrangements to keep rival fans apart. The idea is to keep problems from developing into incidents, which would cripple the code, as it strives to win supporters. In Sydney a few weeks ago, the game was put under great scrutiny because of scenes that were not worthy of 2 powerful clubs with great pride.

Sections of the community have criticised some of our fans, for their antics over the past few weeks. At a time when our code is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, we need to be more aware of the responsibilities that come with being a fan. When we follow our team, we are ambassadors of the club and football.

Let’s chant and sing together with gusto, and leave the rest to another era and another time. Let’s all go forward in the Vodafone Premier League as proud football fans, and let’s make going to the game satisfying for all.

The powers that be have decided on a zero tolerance policy for unbecoming and unruly behaviour, which includes lighting flares and displaying national flags.

All teams strive to win every week, and I think following your side as it makes it’s way through it’s first Premier League season is one of the most satisfying things you can experience, especially if your side is confounding the critics and you are doing well as we are at the moment.

But things can change, just as players stretch themselves to be better and learn from their opponents every week, so must we, who look on from the sidelines.

Let’s show our critics and the community in general that we are smarter, stronger and proud to be South fans. I’m sure the positive feedback will help us prosper and give Johnny’s boys the extra boost they deserve and need as they strive to do us proud on the pitch.

Enjoy the competition against our rivals, after all it’s what playing football is all about, but let’s do it with respect.

Good luck to Johnny’s boys and don’t wait, buy a membership now! The boys deserve it.

George Donikian

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