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One year on SMFC still needs your support

One year on SMFC still needs your support

Monday, 4 April 2005 11:16 PM

While it isn’t where many in the South Melbourne family think it rightfully belongs, and that is in the A-League, there are few that could complain about where South Melbourne FC sits today.

Leading the rejuvenated Vodafone Premier League, with solid support from supporters and sponsors alike, debt free and on the move, the blue and white is sitting pretty in most facets of its operations.

It’s easy to forget that not too long ago, a year ago to the day in fact, none of the aforementioned seemed possible. It was this date on a sunny Autumn day last year that the Save Our South rally was run at BJS. With the help of the club’s employees, players and fans, the wheels of the clubs salvation were put in place.

Those involved with the club at the time will appreciate that it wasn’t an overnight operation. In his last throws as the club’s CEO, Mark Patterson put a brave spin on things. But the relatively small turn out at the Rally and relatively small monies raised that day left most in the SMFC community fearing the worst.

Unsatisfied with the apparent apathy amongst the SMFC faithful, ‘Friends of South’ put together a campaign to win the club’s future from the jaws of death. ‘South
Saviours’ chimed in too, and eventually – through many dark days of potential doom and uncertainty the seeds of the new South were sewn.

The events of 2004 are as much a part of our proud club as the 4 national championships we have won. It is now, a year on, that we look back and thank everyone in the South family for their support when the club needed them most. We also look back and ask no fans, be they a major sponsor or a rank and file member to take anything for granted. It is only with the continued and consistent support of our members and supporters that we can continue on our path of stability and success.

After a stunning opening round crowd against old foes Heidelberg, home crowds at BJS have waned. Again we ask you not to take South Melbourne for granted. When we meet Preston Lions next weekend (our next match is away to Green Gully THIS weekend) make sure you are there flying the colours with pride. Only together can we ensure that our darkest hour of 2004 remains precisely that.

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