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Preston Lions Game 17/04/05

Preston Lions Game 17/04/05

Thursday, 14 April 2005 11:13 PM

The positives of tradition and rivalry will hopefully ensure that the big winner on Sunday is Australian football.

SMFC and Preston are two traditional clubs that have not only helped form the basis of grassroots support and Socceroo success, but also continue to be part of the fabric of local football in Melbourne.

The club wishes to inform all members and supporters, that all reasonable precautions necessary are being taken, in order to avoid any incident that may damage or impinge on the profile and reputation of our great club.

Many people in both football and especially non-football circles are viewing this fixture as a test for our great club in it’s continued existence as a powerhouse club in Australia’s new football era.

It is imperative that both SMFC and Preston supporters understand the significance of any potential negative repercussions might have on the future of their respective clubs.

Let Sunday be a memorable celebration of tradition and passionate rivalry whereby Victorian football can be proud and the atmosphere at BJS is pulsating for all the right reasons – that being for the football displayed on the pitch.

May the best team win!


Supporters will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines set out by the club in consultation with the FFV and police requirements;

What IS NOT Allowed
• No national flags to be brought in to the ground i.e. Greek or FYROM;
• No contentious symbols or banners to be displayed i.e. The Star of Vergina;
• Supporters to occupy designated areas as allocated, see plan;
• No flares or fireworks permitted into the ground;
• Zero tolerance policy on any unruly or inciteful behaviour by patrons;

What IS Allowed
• Blue and White banners pertaining to SMFC;
• Red banners with a yellow lion pertaining to Preston;
• Passionate chanting and boisterous support;

After the Game
All SMFC supporter designated areas will be asked to wait for 10 minutes after the conclusion of the match to allow Preston supporters adequate time to leave BJS.

Non Compliance

A zero tolerance policy has been set by the Police, FFV and the club. Any person who does not comply with the above guidelines will be removed from the stadium.

Any supporter found guilty of inciting or contributing to bringing the club or the sport of football into disrepute will face the possibility of being barred from the club.

Please do the right thing and support the club in achieving an incident free fixture which will give no one the right to discredit this wonderful game of football and also SMFC.

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