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Vasilios Natsioulas – Injury Update

Vasilios Natsioulas – Injury Update

Wednesday, 9 August 2006 12:27 PM

South Melbourne are relieved to announce that young winger Vasilios Natsioulas has escaped serious and permanent injury after being subjected to a disgraceful tackle against Oakleigh this past Sunday.

Natsioulas is now at home recovering and is expected to be able to begin his rehabilitation in 4-6 weeks time.

Unfortunately the young flyer will be unable to play again this season but the South Melbourne family wishes him a quick and speedy recovery.

Natsioulas described the moment as one of “shock”, “Rama (Tavsancioglu) saw the incident and froze, I tried calling the physio but nothing would come out”. He went on to add, “Thankfully the muscle wasn’t hemorrhaged which could’ve seen me miss 6-7 months”.

Injury aside, Natsioulas was shattered when under the influence of Morphine, his brother told him Sunday’s result bedside at the hospital. “The pain had settled by then and the result going against us was very disappointing” added Natsioulas.

When asked of his recent unlucky run with injuries Natsioulas offered some entertaining insight, “My mum has told me to go see a priest, the feeling is since moving to South I’ve been cursed. When I score a goal it seems to be the catalyst for me getting injured. It happened last season after I scored against Sunshine and earlier this season when I pulled a hamstring soon after scoring against the Knights”.

In parting Natsioulas left a clear and strong message for the South faithful, “I love football too much to give it away, the injury may have hurt me psychologically but those sorts of issues can be overcome. I look forward to next year, coming back stronger than ever and being able to produce the sort of football that South Melbourne supporters demand and expect. The support the South faithful have given me during this period has been staggering, I sincerely thank them”.

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