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Grand South

Grand South

Thursday, 21 September 2006 11:34 AM

Two years ago South Melbourne was on the brink of extinction.

Having been told that their chances of National League re-admittance were next to none, the club went into administration.

Through the loyal support and passion of its faithful supporters, the club was able to re-emerge and now two years later, finds itself in the Grand Final of the state’s premier football competition – the Vodafone Cup.

The South Board, coaching staff, players and supporters should all be commended for sticking by the club in its hour of need.

Through all stakeholders’ collective effort, the club now has a base to continue its legacy of winning trophies and continuing to add to the aura and tradition of the South Melbourne name.

The squad that Coach John Anastasiadis has put together embodies the South Melbourne spirit. A talented mix of experienced and youthful players who have shown over the last two years a level of commitment and effort that makes South Melbourne supporters immensely proud.

This Sunday the South Melbourne family asks for your support.

A solid attendance will propel the players to that next level and help ensure that the club adds another trophy to the nation’s most coveted trophy cabinet. Furthermore, it will cap off a remarkable recovery from only 2 years ago, when the future direction and existence of the club was highly doubtful.

Together we will prosper.

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