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Ferenc Puskas: The Passing of a Legend.

Ferenc Puskas: The Passing of a Legend.

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 9:14 AM

The South Melbourne Football Club family is immensely saddened by the passing of a world footballing legend that had a special connection with the club it coached to one of it’s finest moments.

Ferenc Puskas will forever be fondly remembered at South Melbourne for leading the club to its second national championship in 1991.

The legendary Hungarian striker, who is considered one of the greatest ever players to grace the world game, he scored 83 goals in 84 internationals for Hungary, not to mention one of Real Madrid’s favorites sons, had an amazing impact down at Middle Park.

So awe-inspired were the South Melbourne players at the time that from day one they called the legendary man “Boss”.

His clout in the footballing landscape was so deep that upon being approached by the South President at the time, in regards to trouble with signing two “Juventus” players, Puskas assured the President that his relations with the staff of Serie A giants Juventus were excellent and as a result he could help achieve the transfer, of course, the President was referring to players from “Brunswick Juventus”, not the grand old lady and footballing giant of Italian football.

Puskas was notorious for being superb at man management and allowing his players to enjoy themselves on the park.

His influence and legacy at South Melbourne, will forever be remembered and appreciated by the South Melbourne family who were extremely privileged to be graced by the presence of a football immortal.

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