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SMFC Statement: Rd 6 Foxtel Cup South Melbourne FC v Melb. Knights Forfeit Result

SMFC Statement: Rd 6 Foxtel Cup South Melbourne FC v Melb. Knights Forfeit Result

Monday, 16 April 2007 3:22 PM

South Melbourne FC is disappointed with the decision of the FFV to forfeit the round 6 fixture against the Melbourne Knights due to a dispute over security arrangements.

Acting on the advice from Victoria Police, South Melbourne FC elected to a limit entry to the round 6 Foxtel Cup match against the Melbourne Knights to South Melbourne FC members only. The advice from Victoria Police was based on the incidents which took place at the Australian Tennis Open and the FINA World Swimming Championships together with previous incidents involving the Melbourne Knights SC.

The arrangements for a South Melbourne FC member only game were deemed unacceptable by the FFV who dictated and wanted to impose alternative security arrangements for the fixture. The FFV insisted that the game be open to all fans which would have required 30 police, 25 security guards and 6 ground marshals at the game. South Melbourne FC would have been required to bear the cost of such security arrangements.

South Melbourne FC found the requirements of the FFV to be unreasonable. Apart from the costs of such arrangements, the FFV was not prepared to indemnify the club against any incident or fall out from the match. As result of the FFV not being able to provide indemnity for the fixture to South Melbourne FC, the club was left with no option but to reject the proposed security arrangements in order to safeguard the interests of the club.

The security arrangements proposed by South Melbourne FC, for a members only game, were consistent with previous FFV directives “for high risk matches”. Such a policy has been successful over the previous 2 years and was favourably looked upon and the preferred option of Victoria Police due to the efficient resource allocation and reduced risk.

South Melbourne FC is the manager of Bob Jane Stadium and any security arrangements for the ground are the responsibility of the club. The club has the legal responsibility for the Stadium and for the safety of the patrons, as do other Victorian Premier League Clubs with their grounds. South Melbourne FC wishes to act responsibly and is committed to promoting the safety and enjoyment of participants and spectators at the venue.

South Melbourne FC is not agreeable to any external parties either directly or indirectly controlling the venue or arrangements at the venue without having legal recourse against that party. South Melbourne FC has decided to take proactive measures ensuring that they are not the focal point of other parties’ indiscretions.

South Melbourne FC will be vigorously challenging the FFV decision to forfeit the above mentioned game and is currently seeking legal advice in relation to appropriate legal action to be taken.

For more information please contact Jim Marinis, media spokesperson on 9645 9797 or

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