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South Melbourne FC working towards creating a family environment at Bob Jane Stadium

South Melbourne FC working towards creating a family environment at Bob Jane Stadium

Monday, 23 April 2007 4:39 PM

This year has seen South embark on an ambitious membership drive aimed at introducing the club to a new supporter base whilst renewing past members.

Recent events concerning non football issues, has made the club resolute about stamping out negative sentiments relating to spectator behaviour within its control.

In order to succeed, the club will be working with all its stakeholders including Football Federation Victoria and Victoria Police in its aim to introduce more families to experience the famous “South Melbourne atmosphere” which its passionate fans are famous for.

In recent times, the club has been very proactive in addressing issues relating to spectator behaviour and crowd management.

A recent press release from Victoria Police by Superintendent Rod Jouning relating to event and crowd management undertaken by the club, reaffirmed the tangible steps South Melbourne FC has taken forward in achieving its aims:

“South Melbourne Football Club was one of the first teams to jump onboard the campaign and has been working with Victoria Police since 2006 in relation to event management planning and risk mitigation. The aim: to make Bob Jane Stadium a safer place for club members, officials, supporters and police.
The club has taken far more responsibility in the management of games and imposing standards of behaviour on their membership. They should be applauded for that approach as things have improved greatly.”

An iconic club on the Australian football scene, South Melbourne FC is embarking on a “Supporters Code of Conduct” to ensure that those attending games and whom are supporting the famous blue and white are doing so with the best interests of South in mind.

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