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Junior leads South to victory

Junior leads South to victory

Tuesday, 15 May 2007 10:36 AM

By John Kyrou

South Melbourne’s clash with Springvale was a special occasion for Chris Tsarpalas, one of the South juniors.

Chris stood in the players’ tunnel pre-game, before leading the senior team out onto Bob Jane Stadium along with captain Tansel Baser.

Chris was nervously excited in the tunnel before the game, but looked confident and proud walking out onto Bob Jane and lining up with the SMFC senior team.

Chris is 11 years old and has played all his junior football for South and this year is playing in the South under 11s team, where he dreams that one day he will be playing for the Senior team, alongside his favourite player in Fernando de Moraes.

All SMFC supporters will remember the Springvale game as a big win for the club, however for young Chris he will also never forget that it was the game where he led the senior team and his personal heroes out onto the field.

He can now brag to his team mates and friends about his special experience.

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