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South Announce New President

South Announce New President

Thursday, 1 November 2007 4:30 PM

Following the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, the new South Melbourne FC board met on Tuesday and elected club stalwart Leo Athanasakis as the club’s new President unchallenged.

Having served on the board since 2001 Leo, has held various positions including Finance Director and most recently Chairman. A former South junior, Leo’s service to the club in recent times has seen him witness the most turbulent era in the club’s history.

Asked what his thoughts were on his appointment, Leo replied:

“I would like to thank the current board for showing faith and appointing me as the President of this iconic club. South Melbourne FC has survived the hardest 4 years in its history and it is due to the hard work and passion of its officials, players, members and supporters.

The club has achieved a commendable level of organisational stability and on field success over the last few years and is looking at consolidating and building upon this in the near future.

There are numerous challenges moving forward and I ask all sponsors, members and supporters to keep faith in the club and support it at every opportunity”

The following committee structure was also approved:

President: Leo Athanasakis
Senior Vice President: Bill Kardamitsis
Vice Presidents: John Patitsas / Jim Mellas
Chairman: Nick Galatas
Secretary: George Koukoulas
Treasurer: Peter Parthimos


Football Director: Jim Marinis
Venue: George Koukoulas
Finance: Peter Parthimos
Legal: Nick Galatas / Jim Mellas
Marketing and Events: George Triantos
Corporate Membership/Sponsorship: George Triantos
Advertising and Signage: Tom Karatzas
Youth Development: Peter Papos
Womens: Alex Alexopoulos
Membership: George Koukoulas / John Patitsas / John Giannios
Business Development: Paul Dimarelos

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