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South goes wireless

South goes wireless

Friday, 21 December 2007 7:34 PM

South Melbourne would like to proudly announce the signing of Torian Wireless as the major sponsor for the 2008 Foxtel Cup season.

Torian Wireless was launched in 2001 and in the years proceeding have proven to be one of the most innovative, imaginative, affordable and reliable leaders in the Information Technology industry.

The Melbourne based company has made remarkable steps over this period, actively developing a technology that would make listening to radio content from anywhere in the world a realistic option with the aid of a developed electronics device.

This particular technology known as iRoamer allows for such aims to come to fruition, as well as provide consumers with products that have such a technology embedded within it.

In 2007, Torian Wireless launched a new technology called MiRoamer.

MiRoamer enables users to access a portal online that allows them to find, locate and then listen to their favourite radio station from anywhere in the world.

What makes such a technology a step above the rest is that when a MiRoamer capable device is purchased, it can be synchronised to that particular MiRoamer portal, thus enabling the user to listen to these particular channels on such devices from anywhere.

Along with the development of such innovative technologies, Torian has also made a concerted effort to become a global brand, building headquarters in both the United States and in Europe.

From a South perspective, the MiRoamer technology and appropriate branding logo will be showcased on the front of South Melbourne’s shirt for the entire 2008 Foxtel Cup season.

President Leo Athanasakis was delighted with acquiring such a well credentialed and new sponsor to the club, telling the masses at the South Melbourne Christmas party exclusively about the deal.

“South Melbourne is about to embark on a special period in its long and decorated history and it is a pleasure to have a company of such stature sponsor us in 2008 and beyond.
Torian Wireless is a company known worldwide as a leader in the IT field and is rapidly expanding globally, which we believe is a great company for our club to be involved with”, said Mr Athanasakis

Torian Wireless founder George Parthimos also addressed the strong crowd.

“South Melbourne has proven over its history to be the strongest and proudest club in Australia and it was a simple decision for us to support such an iconic organisation.

We hope that our association can continue for numerous years and that both Torian Wireless and South Melbourne can reach their intended targets in the near future”, said Mr Parthimos

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