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Q & A with Sam Poutakidis

Q & A with Sam Poutakidis

Thursday, 17 July 2008 11:45 AM

In a new series on, we will be catching up with players in the SMFC squad and asking them a series of questions in regards to both their personal life and football careers.

In the first interview we caught up with Sam Poutakidis, who played his 50th game for the Blues against Green Gully last Saturday.

1. Favourite Position?
Attacking Full Back.

2. Number

3. Nickname?
Pouta, Sammy

4. How has the return to BJS been?
I’ve enjoyed every minute. Everyone involved in the club has been absolutely fantastic to me. Playing for a club in the Foxtel Cup with such
passionate supporters makes all the hard work during the week worth it on game day.

5. What is your career highlight?
Mauling that poor Frenchman in my debut Kickboxing fight in Thailand.

6. What is your career low point?
Receiving a Red Card for South Melbourne in the 2004 NSL Minor Semi Final at Hindmarsh Stadium v Adelaide United.

7. Favourite overseas player – any sport?
Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.

8. Favourite Foxtel Cup player?
Jim Drossos (Heidelberg United)

9. Favourite overseas club – any?
“Train Wreck” in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Some fantastic times experienced and an impressive strike rate. (How times have changed)

10. Personal heroes?
Lance Armstrong & Peter Kotsiris.

11. Best piece of advice received?
Ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

12. Megan Gale or Jennifer Hawkins – and why?
Neither are my type. I am more attracted to a far more voluptuous figure and women like Scarlett Johansson.

13. Favourite Food?
Mum’s Mousaka.

14. Funniest SMFC player?
Definitely Fernando De Moraes

15. Any final words?
Thank you to all the hard working staff, volunteers and supporters of SMFC who make it a great club to play for.

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