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South Conquer Oakleigh

South Conquer Oakleigh

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 11:16 PM

South Melbourne FC launched its 2009 membership campaign at Nikos cakes in the heart of the Oakleigh community last Saturday afternoon.

The response was overwhelming as many South admirers and supporters pledged their support to the club by signing up for memberships and committing to merchandise for 2009.

What was especially pleasing was the large number of South Junior supporters that signed up and mingled with the playing squad.

Importantly, the club has shown that even though it is has been displaced from its national league status, it still is very much in the hearts and minds of those that continue to identify and associate with the famous blue and white of South Melbourne no matter where they reside.

Earlier that day, the SMFC U/21 crushed Oakleigh Cannons U/21 12-2 during a Hellenic Cup first round clash.

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