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SMFC launches South Boutique and 2010 Merchandise Range

SMFC launches South Boutique and 2010 Merchandise Range

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 1:08 PM


South Melbourne FC is excited to launch its 2010 Merchandise Catalogue. (Click here to download PDF)

In 2010, South fans will be given the chance to buy an extensive collection of Adidas merchandise, ranging from player and training attire to casual clothing that can be worn away from the pitch. The SMFC Football Department has worked closely with our apparel sponsor, Adidas, to launch this exciting merchandise range. 

The merchandise range can be viewed and purchased at its online store, South Boutique, at It is important to note that the 2009 Adidas merchandise range sold out ! 

Stock is limited, so order your favourite merchandise item before it sells out. 

Please refer to for the Children’s SMFC Merchandise Catalogue, which will be available by Round 1.

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