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Media Release: SMFC’s Response to Appeals Board Decision

Media Release: SMFC’s Response to Appeals Board Decision

Thursday, 20 May 2010 9:54 AM

The Club wishes to announce that the FFV Appeals Board released its decision on the Club’s appeal in relation to the FFV Tribunal decision on the charges arising out of its recent match against Heidelberg United FC. The Appeals Board also published its reasons for its decision.

Although South Melbourne FC was successful in relation to all 3 matters it appealed, the Appeals Board substituted a new charge and found the Club guilty of it. The Club was deducted 6 points in relation to that charge.

The Club appealed the finding of guilt in relation to Fixed Penalty Charge MFP10, the life bans imposed on 3 of its supporters and the result of the match which had been awarded as a 3 – 0 win to Heidelberg.

The Appeals Board found the Club not guilty of charge MFP10, drastically reduced the bans in relation to the 2 supporters who pursued the appeal and reinstated the result to 1-1 which was the score when the match was abandoned in time added on for injuries. By way of clarification, the club advises that it appealed on behalf of its supporters because they had not been separately charged and had been given life bans by the Tribunal in their absence. As they had not been charged, the club lodged the appeal on their behalf.

Despite wholly succeeding on the 3 matters it brought before the Appeals Board, the club was advised in the reasons for decision published by the Board that it was found guilty of a different offence relating to the invasion of the pitch by its supporters and was deducted 6 points.

The Club is disappointed at the decision and intends to appeal.

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