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southRadio is back in 2012 – Episode 1 is now available to download

southRadio is back in 2012 – Episode 1 is now available to download

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 9:24 PM

South Melbourne FC is excited to announce that southRadio is back for the 2012 Victorian Premier League season.

southRadio is a unique and exciting opportunity to further inform the Club’s many fans, as well as update the general public as to the happenings around the Club on a weekly basis. Furthermore the podcasts will have content that will be EXCLUSIVE to southRadio. The podcasts will contain player interviews conducted straight after each match. Furthermore, the podcasts will be running competitions and give aways that can only be secured by listening to southRadio.

The weekly podcast will provide a round up of the previous week’s match, preview the coming round of action, regular player and coaches’ interviews, and all the news from around the Club.

southRadio is available FREE as a podcast feed so you can listen whenever and wherever you like. Podcasts can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store or via South Melbourne’s website.

Should you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback for southRadio please email the club at

Click here to download the first episode in mp3 format

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