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Striker Jacobs on the path to recovery

Striker Jacobs on the path to recovery

Thursday, 21 February 2013 1:12 PM

By Marissa Tasios

Forgotten striker Nick Jacobs is anxious to return to the field after a serious injury to his left ankle in a school game late in 2012.

Earlier in that week, he had forced his way into the senior line-up in the match against Southern Stars and became a hero when he headed home Phil Petreski’s cross in the 94th minute to win the game for South 3-2.

He is now, however, taking the recovery in his stride and is planning on rehabilitating step by step.

Jacobs was challenged fiercely from the side, half way up his planted leg, as he went to cross the ball. It was then when all of the ligaments in his left ankle were ruptured. In addition, he incurred an avulsion fraction of the anklebone, which required a full reconstruction and repair. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, he also ruptured the syndesmosis ligament.

The 18 year old required surgery on his ankle, which required a screw and plate fixation. Jacobs was initially unable to bear any weight on his left ankle until some weeks passed. He then underwent another surgery in order to remove the insertions implemented previously.

Since November, Jacobs has been working on a regular basis with Darren Campbell who focuses on the strength and conditioning of athletes, Darren has been guiding his progress since November he emphasises an Eastern philosophy in his training and rehab.

The striker is currently feeling very strong but knows that there is a deal of work to be done on his aerobic capacity and recovery. Speaking to, Jacobs said “Darren has me beginning to run and we are starting to ramp up more intense weight bearing activities and running patterns”.

Nick’s aspirations for the 2013 season are to return to the field with South Melbourne FC as soon as possible, however, the anxious soccer player is taking the recovery process one step at a time.

We wish him all the best and hope to see him on the park soon.

Nick Jacobs match winning goal against Southern Stars

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