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Special SMFC Ticketing Offer :: 2015 AFC Asian Cup

Special SMFC Ticketing Offer :: 2015 AFC Asian Cup

South Melbourne FC is excited to offer its fans and members the exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets online for the opening ceremony and match of the 2015 Asian Cup between the Socceroos and Kuwait. This offer includes sitting in a “South Melbourne only” section for that match on 9 January 2015 at AAMI Park in Melbourne.

The Asian Cup presents an exciting opportunity to celebrate the sport of football in Australia and to further strengthen the relationships between the participating Asian countries. The football community looks forward to further enhancing Australia’s reputation for staging great sporting events and to the long term community, diplomatic and economic benefits that the Asian Cup will generate in Australia.

Beyond the actual football tournament itself, the friendly people, beautiful natural attractions, exceptional food and wine and spectacular beaches make Australia the perfect host for the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 1300 304 001 and quoting “South Melbourne FC”. Any tickets purchased (tickets available are in Category 1 only as Categories 2 and 3 are already sold out) will ensure that the tickets will be for our reserved area in the stadium.

Tickets can also be purchased online at

When purchasing online, click on the grey code box and type in “southmelbournefc” to ensure that the tickets are purchased for our reserved area in the stadium.

Tickets are reserved for a period of three weeks and are available right now.

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