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Victorian Labor Party reaffirms support for South Melbourne FC

Victorian Labor Party reaffirms support for South Melbourne FC

South Melbourne FC is very pleased to announce that Victorian Labor has reaffirmed its support for the Club and its future at Lakeside Stadium for the next 40 years.

Whilst attending last Sunday’s PlayStation 4 NPL finals series match between South Melbourne FC and Metro Stars at Lakeside Stadium, Martin Foley MP, State Labor Member for Albert Park said “Victorian Labor initiated the 40 year Lease and Licence deal for SMFC. We welcome its long delayed arrival. The Club as current VPL Champions and as the FIFA Oceania Club of the Century needs this certainty to compete at the highest levels. It is a club with a strong tradition that is seeking to make its mark nationally. Now it needs the support to take it to the next level of facilities and competition”.

In thanking Mr Foley, SMFC President Leo Athanasakis told SMFC Media that “Martin has been a terrific supporter of the Club over the years. He assisted the Club during the previous Labor Government and he has provided continued support in more recent times to the Club securing its 40 year deal at Lakeside Stadium”.

Acknowledging Victorian Labor’s role in the Club establishing its home at Lakeside Stadium for the long term, SMFC Chairman, Nick Galatas, said “SMFC would like to thank and acknowledge Victorian Labor for entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Club when Labor was in Government which provided for the 40 year Lease and Licence deal and the Club thanks Mr Foley for his and Labor’s continued support”.

With the recommencement of the construction of the Social Club now imminent and following its on field success this year, the Club looks forward to a very exciting NPL season 2015.

For all media enquiries, please contact SMFC General Manager Peter Kokotis on (03) 9645 9797.

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