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South and Bob Jane join forces for Fatality Free Friday

South and Bob Jane join forces for Fatality Free Friday

On Friday 29 May, South Melbourne FC is joining forces with Principal Partner Bob Jane T-Marts to once again mark the Fatality Free Friday road safety campaign.

Road safety is a complex issue but if drivers consciously think about road safety and safe driving for just one Friday in the year, that day’s toll – about 5.3 deaths according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau – could be reduced to zero. The Fatality Free Friday campaign believes that if drivers are asked to actively concentrate on road safety and safe driving for just one day in the year, they’ll drive safer for the next few days too and, over time, change their outlook completely, consciously thinking about safety each and every day they get behind the wheel.

Since its inception in 2007 the Fatality Free Friday campaign has continued to expand its operation and is now recognised as Australia’s only national community based road safety program. It has successfully fostered community ownership of complex road safety issues and encourages those who can make a significant difference in reducing road trauma.

Last year’s Fatality Free Friday event was a great success nationally and South Melbourne FC was proud to be involved in promoting this important community safety initiative. To date, over 50,000 people nationally have taken the Fatality Free Friday Pledge and promised to consider their safety on the roads, particularly by:

  • Reminding their family, friends and workmates to take extra care on the roads
  • Putting their lights on for safety
  • Being mindful to drive safely and follow the road rules
  • Not speeding and or drinking and driving
  • Taking care at level crossings
  • Slowing down in the wet and driving to suit the conditions
  • Not tailgating other drivers and looking as far ahead as possible
  • Wearing a seatbelt
  • Not using a mobile phone while driving
  • Setting a good example to passengers by driving calmly and safely
  • Taking care as a pedestrian when crossing the road or street

To support this initiative, each of the South Melbourne FC playing squad took the Fatality Free Friday Pledge and committed to thinking about their own safe driving practices and to setting an example for others on our roads. All South Melbourne FC fans are encouraged to also take the pledge at and to show their support at our home game this Friday night by signing the inflatable car provided by Bob Jane T-Marts.

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