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SMFC announce 2017 Senior Men’s Coaching Structure

SMFC announce 2017 Senior Men’s Coaching Structure

South Melbourne FC would like to confirm its senior coaching structure alongside Chris Taylor for the 2017 NPL Men’s Season.

Chris Marshall will continue his role as the Club’s Senior Adviser, providing Taylor with trusted support both during the week’s training, game day preparation and on match days in the same manner as 2016. Despite the role formally being created in 2016, Marshall has been valuable support for Taylor and the Senior Squad for the past four seasons.

Sasa Kolman will join the Senior Coaching Team for 2017, having returned to the Club following a stint working in Europe. Kolman will be responsible for opposition and match day analysis and assist the club throughout the week also at training. Given his strong connection with our Youth Program, Kolman will also be involved developing our Youth Team players who are making the transition to the Senior Team.

John Kobiela will continue as the Club’s High-Performance Manager in the same manner as last season. John has previously worked with Melbourne Heart, Central Coast, Cricket Victoria, Fremantle Football Club and the Young Socceroos in maintaining elite athlete performance. He will once again work with our players throughout pre-season and throughout 2017.

Bojo Jevdjevic will continue as the Club’s Goalkeeping Coach for a third consecutive season. The former NSL Player will once again work with Nikola Roganovic and Zaim Zeneli in the upcoming season.

The coaches will be assisted by Frank Piccione, who will continue as the Club’s Senior Operations and Team Manager for a ninth season in a row.

James Cole and the team at Kieser Training will once again oversee the medical side of the club in 2017 also. Kieser have been a tremendous supporter of the Club through their Corporate Partnership for the past 3 seasons and we once again look forward to having them a part of the club this season.

Speaking to, Football Director Nicholas Maikousis welcomed the off-field team for 2017. “We are happy to retain all of our off-field football staff for 2017 and given the way we have operated in 2016, we are pleased with the outcome. We’d also like to welcome Sasa Kolman to the Senior Operations following his stint overseas. Sasa has had a large impact on our Youth Program to date, so we are pleased to have him come across and assist with both the senior and youth sides of the club.”

We wish all of our Senior Men’s coaches the best for the 2017 season.

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