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Nick Galatas retires as South Melbourne Chairman

Nick Galatas retires as South Melbourne Chairman

South Melbourne FC would like to announce the retirement of Nick Galatas from the Board.

Nick has served on the board for eleven years including ten as Chairman. He has been instrumental in the development of football both at South Melbourne FC and across Victoria. He is now focusing his efforts on the development of football at a national level with the Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC).

As the AAFC Advisor for Regulatory & Legal, Nick has and will continue to make a significant contribution to Australian football, engaging with key stakeholders of the game including NPL Clubs, the FFA, the AFC and FIFA.

Whilst South Melbourne FC is encouraged by the influence Nick will have on the national stage, the club also recognises the invaluable involvement and impact he has had at SMFC.

As Chairman of the Board, Nick has overseen some historical achievements of the club. To name but a few, these include negotiating and securing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Victorian State Government and the long-term future of the club at Lakeside Stadium, the establishment of the SMFC One Club initiative incorporating the Junior Soccer Club and Women’s Football Club under one organisation to compete at the top level in Victorian football, and serving the club as legal representative advising players and the club on various matters.

Speaking to, President Leo Athanasakis said “I would like to personally thank Nick for eleven years of outstanding service to the club. As Chairman he has been front and centre of some remarkable achievements.”

“I personally see Nick’s move as an a elevation to a broader role in Australian Football. He will no longer be focusing on solely one club, but fighting for the rights of all clubs outside the A-League. We wish him and the AAFC the best of luck in the historic negotiations they are presented with as the outcome will surely define the future of football in this country for decades to come.”

South Melbourne FC will pay tribute to Nick Galatas and his service to the club at the 2018 Season Launch and Jersey Presentation on 17 March at Lakeside Stadium.

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