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South partner with Woodford Sport Science

South partner with Woodford Sport Science

South Melbourne FC is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with strength and conditioning sports company, Woodford Sport Science Consulting (WSSC).

Their methods are derived from thousands of hours of experience applied across 1000 athletes and they pride themselves on thoroughly understanding the basic principles of human performance and applying them accordingly to those they coach.

Elite athlete preparation requires an in-depth knowledge of physiological systems, the science behind programming and how they interact with the specific individual. WSSC brings a holistic and innovative edge in performance training that has been derived from years of study integrated with international and Australian elite sport practical exposure.

WSSC coaches create structured programs that have focus on building a variety of physical qualities depending on the athlete’s goals and needs – which could range from strength, power and speed – to facilitate optimal running mechanics and efficient movement in their sport.

Strength underpins power therefore the goal is to develop strong athletes so they can run quicker and be more powerful. This means learning to master body weight before progressing to loaded movements.

Agility and reaction time is honed-in on once the athlete has mastered the above fundamentals.

Aerobic/anaerobic endurance is predominantly addressed in the final stages of their sessions with various short, high intensity, conditioning protocols.

Mobility is a constant focus in their sessions as they integrate various mobility movements throughout rest periods to help the athlete feel better, improve joint health and reduce chance of injury

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