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Online abuse of any kind is not acceptable.

Online abuse of any kind is not acceptable.

Online abuse of any kind is not acceptable.

The South Melbourne Football Club has been made aware of comments by individuals in the Victorian football community targeted at Football Victoria staff and officials in recent days.

The club condems all forms of abuse, discrimination and violence including comments made on social media.

South Melbourne FC endorses and embraces Football Victoria’s values of Respect, Integrity, Unity, Leadership and Inclusive.

The club is obligated to comply with the Football Victoria Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal ByLaws. The club is responsible for the actions of its players, officials, staff and supporters. Significant penalties for both the individual and the club can be applied, including misconduct charges for social media comments. These can include financial penalties as well as point deductions. The ByLaw also includes a positive obligation for our club to cooperate with any investigation directed by Football Victoria including the identification of players, offiicals, staff and supporters.

Penalties for this type of abuse may stretch beyond the game, with strict laws and criminal penalties for online harassment and intimidation and circumstances such as this may be referred to police.

We actively discourage any South Melbourne FC player, official, staff or supporter from engaging in such behaviour. Individuals making abusive, discriminatory or violent comments including on social media are not representative of the the South Melbourne Football Club.

We also take this opportunity to provide a reminder of the Spectator’s Code of Conduct for all those attending the Grand Final this weekend.


Football Victoria’s priority is to ensure all spectators are able to enjoy football in a safe and comfortable environment.

Accordingly, by entering this venue, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Spectator Code of Behaviour; the Venue Conditions of Entry and FV’s Member
Protection and Misconduct By-Laws. All persons present at an FV event shall:

  1. Respect the decisions of the Match Officials;
  2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their race, colour, religion, language, ability, politics, sexual orientation, or national
    or ethnic origin;
  3. Not engage in the use of violence in any form, whether it is by other Spectators, Team Officials (including coaches) or Players;
  4. 4. Not engage in discrimination, harassment or abuse in any form, including but not limited to the use of obscene or offensive language or gestures, the incitement of hatred or violence, or indecent or racist chanting;
  5. Comply with FV’s “Conditions of Entry” at all venues;
  6. Not carry, light or throw flares or missiles (including on to the field of play or at other spectators);
  7. Not enter the field of play or its surrounds without lawful authority; and 8. Conduct themselves in a manner that enhances, rather than injures, the
    reputation and goodwill of FV, Football Federation Australia (FFA) and football generally.

Any person who does not comply with this Code or who in the opinion of FV causes or attempts to cause a disturbance may be asked to leave and may be prohibited from attending future FV run events and/or programs. FV reserves the right to investigate any breaches of this Spectator Code of Conduct and may issue penalties in accordance with its rules and policies as appropriate, including sanctions as per the Grievance, Discipline and Tribunal (GDT) By-Law, and the deduction of match points to the respective team, and finals eligibility.



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