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South Melbourne FC Makes Historic Submission for National Second Tier

South Melbourne FC Makes Historic Submission for National Second Tier

South Melbourne FC has today confirmed that it has formally submitted its Expression of Interest for the National Second Tier, marking a historic moment for the club and the Australian football landscape. The new league is set to provide a fully connected football pyramid from grassroots to the top tier, with the long-term objective of promotion and relegation between all tiers.

For the latest generation of Australian football fans, this is a unique opportunity to witness the clubs their parents and grandparents grew up supporting playing on the national stage. The rekindling of old rivalries between South Melbourne, Marconi, Adelaide City, and APIA Leichhardt will surely excite generations of traditional football fans.

Football Australia’s framework for the launch of the league in early 2024 has opened up the possibility for any club in Australia, from community to national premier leagues, to reach the heights of national-level football.

South Melbourne FC President Nicholas Maikousis expressed his gratitude to Football Australia for facilitating the creation of the new national-level league. “We finally face the reality of aspirational football returning to Australia,” he said. “South Melbourne has long advocated for this, and it is encouraging to see the positive steps being taken.”

The club is now poised to return to its rightful place on the national stage, and its members, supporters, and fans can look forward to the prospect of playing against iconic clubs such as Marconi and APIA at Lakeside Stadium once again.

South Melbourne FC has a proud history of producing some of the country’s most talented footballers and globally renowned coaches. Dozens of Socceroos have come through the club’s ranks, including Ange Postecoglou, who went on to coach the Australian national team and lead them to victory in the Asian Cup in 2015, and now successfully coaching Scottish football giant, Celtic.

The club’s contribution to Australian football cannot be overstated, and its commitment to developing the next generation of football stars remains as strong as ever. The launch of the National Second Tier provides the perfect platform for South Melbourne FC to continue its proud tradition of producing top-quality footballers and coaches who can compete on the world stage.

As the club moves forward with its Expression of Interest, its members, supporters, and fans can be confident that South Melbourne FC will continue to be at the forefront of Australian football and will play a significant role in shaping its future.

South Melbourne FC will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available about the next stage. The club will also hold a forum to provide members with the opportunity to ask questions about the process and share their voice about the National Second Tier directly with the club.

This is an exciting moment for South Melbourne FC and the Australian football community, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the National Second Tier.

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